Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where does a month go?

Well where does a month go indeed! Tidying and organising my research thats where.
I've manged to get all my family research documents and certificates filed in some sort of order so I can acutally find what I'm looking for or what I'm missing quite easily.

I've tried various filing methods in the past and still end up losing track of where a document is or where I found information. Using a suggestion from Organise Your Paper Files I have now organised my information by Marriage number that most programs generate. I keep documents for that family together until i find a marriage for a child and they get their own section or I find their parents marriage and that gets another section. I can use my genealogy program to print a list of marriages with marriage record numbers and that becomes the index for the front of my files. So far its working really well and I can easily what information I still need on any family group.

While having a general trawl through Google with my names and places that I'm researching I came across the National Archives of Scotland. Searching their catalogue I found the following entry about a Justiciary appeal by my GreatGrandfather against the then Lord Bute! So now I have to arrange a trip to Edinburgh to see the document to find out what its all about.

Record: 1 of 1
RefNo Title Date
JC31 Justiciary Appeals Processes 1864-1994
JC31/1906 Justiciary appeals processes, 1906

CountryCode GB RepCode 234
RefNo JC31/1906/19
Repository National Archives of Scotland
Justiciary appeal by Patrick Shields, porter, North British Railway Company, Rothesay, and residing at Minister's Brae, Rothesay v The Most Honourable John Crichton Stuart, Marquis of Bute and Earl of Windsor etc.
Date 1906
Description Lodged 16 March 1906. Appeal dismissed.
AccessStatus: Open