Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Those Places Thursday - Buckie

Going back in the Cowie and Smith lines the families seem to have always lived in and around Buckie.

This was my Grandparents house at 14 Cluny Terrace in Buckie. 

I loved this house 

Things I  remember.

The roses and mint plants either side of the path. 
The covered porch that you could go in either to the hall or the kitchen. 
The steep set of stairs in the middle of the house leading up to two bedrooms in the roof. 
The posh sitting room with all the ornaments the organ and the picture of the Gospel Ship
The box bedroom next to the comfy living room with Gran and Grandads chairs. 
The pantry and kitchen that seemed to go on for ever
The wee door to the shop in the back that Gran and Grandad used to run with it's own address. 
The sofas and dressers that opened into beds, 
and the amount of family that could fit a small house all at the same time. 

This one photo brings back so many happy memories.