Saturday, December 24, 2016

Surname Saturday - Duncan

In Scottish the meaning of the name Duncan is: From the Irish name Donnchadh, meaning brown warrior.

I've not found any odd spellings in my Grandmothers Duncan line so far but on doing some research into names I have realised there may be more options out there to navigate than I first thought.

Some variations on - Duncan, Duncam, Duncain, Duncane, Duncaime, Duncambe, Duncana, Duncand, Duncen, Duncem, Dunccan, Dunccn, Duncaw, Duncean, Dunchan, Duncham, Dunchin, Duncian,  Duncin, Dunckan, Duncken, Duncn, Duncom, Duncomb, Dunbome, Duncomd, Duncome, Duncone, Duncoomb, Duncoon, Duncum, Duncumbe, Duncun,

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